Tallinn 06/2017

In the morning we left Riga, Latvia and headed towards Tallinn, Estonia. The weather was mostly rainy, wet and a bit windy, but the fresh air and almost empty streets made up for it. On the way we stopped at the “Soomaa national park”, more accurate its “Riisa study trail“, to see some nature and breathe some fresh air.

Finally, in Tallinn, we moved into our rented apartment. We then visited a grocery store on the perimeter. We bought some groceries and two different SIM-cards, which was quite an act because the first cashier we encountered did not speak at all due to a disability (I realized this a few moments later). And the second cashiers English was not as good as I probably expected. But eventually, we got everything we wanted. We headed back to the apartment for dinner and to try our freshly obtained SIM-cards, as the apartment did not feature any internet-connection.

On the next day, we walked to the city centre, witnessed some kind of parade, checked local shops and cafes. We walked around Toompea Castle.
Then we tapped into a touristic trap when we visited the CafĂ© Dannebrog, a cafe located on Tallinn’s Town Wall. We paid a horrendous amount of money for a hot chocolate and a piece of cheesecake. Their trick: The goods are not priced, if you forget to ask prior, you will pay an unexpectedly high amount of money for small portions of hypermarket-bought deserts and sweets. Later we visited a bookshop, Raamatukoi, where I bought a rather old German book from the 19th century, which is still waiting to be digitalised and published in digital form.

The following night turned out to be rather difficult, due to a horribly uncomfortable bed, but we managed. On the day after, we resumed our journey towards Finland, waiting for a ferry at the Tallinn port. Visiting an unexpectedly famous alcohol-shop, SuperAlko (what a name), on the way. Located a few meters from the port itself – a go-to destination for Finnish people solely going to Estonia to get high amounts of alcoholic drinks due to high alcohol-taxes in Finland and Scandinavian countries in general. We bought an alcohol-free lemonade – the face of the cashier: priceless.

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