Malbork Castle 11/2017

In Germany, we recently had two not so well placed holidays in the middle of the week, Tuesday and Wednesday. I took two additional days on Thursday and Friday to fill the gap to the weekend and visit northern Poland. For one day we decided to visit Malbork Castle, polish Zamek w Malborku or german Marienburg, a huge castle located in the east of the Province Pomerania.

On our way from Rumia, which was a total of 94 kilometres and approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, we drove on the polish highway A1 (also known as European route E75) which was less crowded and subjected to toll. The last kilometres we had to drive on some poorly maintained roads but eventually, we reached our beautiful and interesting destination.

We parked our car in a nearby parking lot, which we cannot recommend. If you are going to visit the Malbork Castle, consider parking in the town and take the 2-3 extra minutes for walking. The parking was around 7,50€ or 35 zlotych for 4 hours.

The next step was to get the tickets and lock our backpacks. We were greeted by polish, German and English guides, but decided to try the audio-guided tour, which was included in the entrance fee of 50 zlotych anyway. The tour took around 4 hours and was made in a very interesting way so that from room to room you wanted to know more. On that day we totalled ~9674 steps, 7,41 kilometres and ~647 kcal each.

As for the german audioguide, it was well made with a very calm voice it explained a lot of interesting details which I would have missed if it was not for the explanations. Natalia told that she also liked the polish audioguide and that she found cool the fact, that it was almost automatic since it had played automatically as you progressed through the rooms.

As for the whole trip – we both enjoyed it very much. I think the castle is recommendable for families with children since they could be easily thrilled and interested in that topic. On our visit, the weather was cloudy and windy but I suppose on sunny days it is very relaxing sitting in the rose garden (you can see it in the pictures).

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    What a lovely blog! Thank you for your Christmas Card! I would love to meet you guys again, and I agree with you, Riga is the most charming city, I visited in October for work and will definitely go back on a private trip one day! Happy Hollidays!

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