Innsbruck 08/2016

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Author: H.G.Graser

In August last year on a cloudy (as we thought) sunday, we decided to visit Innsbruck. I researched about the weather and we decided to go for long pants since we expected the weather not to be too good. Innsbruck is a relatively small city in western Austria and is placed in a valley called “Inntal”, and on the river “Inn”. In order to enter Innsbruck from our direction we needed to pass quite a steep hill, which was very interesting for both of us, since we’ve never before passed this one.

Something I found especially interesting on entering Innsbruck are the emergency lanes on the very steep spots, where you can constantly smell other cars brakes (and propably your own). A wide and interesting view opens in the moment you pass the top of the hill. More for Natalias enjoyment, as I needed to concentrate on the other cars in front of us.

License: CC-BY-SA 3.0
Author: Svíčková

When we entered Innsbruck, we noticed that despite our weather-research, the sky was blue and the sun was warming the whole valley. Lessons learned: Take light clothes to austria, even if you think you wont need them.

After taking a parking spot in a very small and expensive garage, which I would not recommend, we started our journey through the city. We took a map from the tourist-information, got some snacks at a small city-supermarket and walked towards the river. We could catch some very nice views inside the city and I personally was amazed how open and bright everything was that day. An interesting event are also the starting and landing planes which fly very close over the city.

Since we still wore our cloudy-day clothes, we took the opportunity of a cold water fountain next to the river. Recharged like that, we proceeded on our little journey. We both enjoyed the views and the fact that there were not so many people on our way, very much.

After our walk, there was still plenty of time left, so we decided to also visit Swarovski Kristallwelten – an exhibition about crystals, created 1995 and located in the city of Wattens, approx. 20 kilometers east from Innsbruck. There, we had an icecream and enjoyed the sun while it slowly started to get windy in the valley. From far away a storm was coming.

We just finished the exhibition in time and could enjoy the silence before the storm. When we left the valley, it started to become night.

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