Hallstatt 08/2016

For our day-trip, to Hallstatt, we got up in the morning, since it’s a good 3 hours drive and you really don’t want to stay 1 hour in a typical Munich traffic-jam.

On the trip, it was necessary to get a toll-sticker, which is available on every petrol-station before the border. It might be a good idea to get one earlier since there is a lot of people queueing right before the border.

Hallstatt itself has some very remarkable views and is located in a glen which makes it cosy per default. Sadly it was heavily overrun by tourists. The places for sleeping and eating were in our opinion heavily overpriced and of bad quality (limited to the food, we did not check any rooms for sleeping).

We had a weird encounter in one of the restaurants where the waiters had a very bad attitude and the food was horrible. The parking, which is almost mandatory because of missing free parking spots, is rather expensive (9 Euro from 3 to 12 hours as of 2017).

We were walking a little trail which seemed more cosy and silent. We found some benches with nice views and stayed for a while. Later we came across a graveyard. On the walk we enjoyed a cake, we bought in the “Nah & Frisch” grocery store in Hallstatt.

Eventually, we visited a historical museum at the price of 10 Euro per person (prices as of 2017).

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